The Coronation of King Charles III, in Photos

The British monarchy, according to the Victorian writer Walter Bagehot, “is commonly hidden like a mystery, and sometimes paraded like a pageant.”

The mystery has diminished since his day. So has the monarch’s power. But the pageantry, in an era of instant worldwide communication, is even more widely observed, and it was on full display on Saturday in London as King Charles III was crowned.

The coronation procession and the centuries-old ceremony at Westminster Abbey are the centerpiece of a three-day holiday weekend in Britain that also includes street parties, outdoor lunches and a concert on Sunday on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Take That are among those expected to perform.

Here’s a selection of the best photographs from the coronation weekend.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla traveling along the Mall to Buckingham Palace after their coronation at Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

The Red Arrows, the aerobatics display team of the Royal Air Force, fly overhead after the coronation in London on Saturday.

Rain-soaked crowds gathering to watch the coronation on big television screens in St. James’s Park in London on Saturday.

King Charles III is crowned in Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday.

A gun salute as Charles III is crowned king in London on Saturday.

Watching the coronation ceremony on a screen in Hyde Park in London on Saturday.

King Charles III wearing St. Edward’s crown during his coronation ceremony on Saturday at Westminster Abbey.

Among those attending the coronation ceremony were Prince William, the king’s elder son and heir; William’s wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales; and their younger children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Waiting in St. James’s Park on Coronation Day.

A procession accompanying King Charles III and Queen Camilla toward Buckingham Palace marching past demonstrators with anti-monarchy signs on Saturday.

Marching in London on Saturday, the day of the coronation.

King Charles III leaving Buckingham Palace on his way to Westminster Abbey.

The Diamond Jubilee State Coach being escorted along the Mall to Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

Standing guard outside Buckingham Palace before the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday.

Watching a procession down the Mall before the coronation ceremony.

Police officers with demonstrators holding up anti-monarchy signs shortly before the procession began on the Mall on Saturday.

Preparing for the procession on Saturday.

A street artist mopping water from his chalk drawing of King Charles III on Friday near Trafalgar Square in London.

Camping out along the Mall on Friday, the day before the coronation.

Police officers gathering near the Mall on Friday.

Coronation souvenirs on sale on Friday near Parliament in London.

A coronation-related display in a shop window in central London on Friday.

Union Jack flags hanging over Oxford Street on Friday in London to commemorate the coronation.

Taking selfies in front of a replica of St. Edward’s crown on Friday in London.

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